Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

Course Description

Seminar Course

Instructor: Julio C. Lacayo Gurdian
Room: 303
Minimum: 15 students

2004 – 2017

Part-Owner and founder of:

  • Aurora Beachfront Realty (2005-to present)
  • Aurora Colonial Realty Leon (2007-to present)
  • Aurora Colonial Realty Granada (2013-to present)
  • Vacation Rental Nicaragua (2007-to present)
  • Aurora Bienes Raices (part owner, not founder) (2003 to present)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Class will meet Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-12:00

Cost: $75 per week

Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

Course Description:  In this course we will explore entrepreneurship as an alternative life style to the conventional corporate ladder.  Along the way we will focus on your personal growth through the use of goal setting techniques that are created to provide you with greater discipline in today’s competitive business world.  Other aspects of this course will take us through University life and how students can make the most of their time and further develop their interest inside and outside of the classroom. We will also probe through various authors’ points of view as they present a case for the advantages and disadvantages confronted by modern-day entrepreneurs. In addition to that we will read through examples of success stories that will provide us with the secrets to their triumphs while also explore the power of mindset and how we can change our pre-conceived notions into a powerful context of learning without fear.  Ultimately this course presents a business model that encourages its students to view their own life and purpose like a running and ever expanding profitable endeavor that is primed for growth, challenges and achievement.

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