Course Description

Name of Teacher: Alfredo Ellis

Proposed Dates: June 12- July 7, 2017

Proposed Hours:   8:00 to 9:30 for children ages 8-12

9:45 to 11:15 for teenagers ages 13-17

Days: Mondays through Fridays

Course fee: $ 60.00 per week

$ 220.00 for four weeks

Class Location:     Soccer Field # 1

Intended Audience / Level:  Boys and Girls ages 8-17

Brief Description of Class: Through a wide variety of drills and workouts, we intend to develop goalkeeping skills of youngsters in a fun but still professional way .

Brief Outline (Topics / Strategies):

This Goalkeeper Training Course is a 4-week program designed to offer young goalkeepers of all levels the opportunity to further develop their goalkeeping skills under the guidance of a current professional goalkeeper.  Dives, crosses, catching low, medium high and high balls, physical endurance, footwork, playing the angles, punching the ball, nutrition, communicating with the rest of the team, positioning, goalkeeping psychology, conditioning and coordination, flexibility, speed and abdominal strength

Outcomes / Measures of Success. This is an intensive course in which the measurement of success will be seen in the near future when athletes participate in competitions. Weekly evaluations will be shared with parents and athletes.

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