Course Information

Instructor: Karla Carcache

Location: Room 404

Schedule: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Fee: $80 per week / $300 for 4 weeks

Course Description

We will use an inquiry-based technique that allows even the youngest camper to enjoy learning:  interactive demonstrations, hands-on individual & group activities, problem solving group work, active learning games, and outside activities to give children an opportunity to get exercise. Through inquiry based units on plants and recycling, we will reinforce math, reading and writing. The goal is for children to learn through hands on activities. We will provide our students with an integrated program which will help children be ready for 1st grade. Our primary objective is to boost children’s science proficiency and cultivate a budding love for science, all the while having fun. We aspire to produce an environment that is in every way safe, where encouragement, laughter and fun are the standard.  Kids will learn, have fun, and stay actively engaged in our camps.