Science and Spaceland at ANS

Course Description

Proposed Dates: June 18th – July 5th Monday – Thursday

Minimum Number of Students: 10

Cost Per Student: U$100 per week or U$ 300 for the whole course

Class Location: To be assigned

Proposed Hours: 8 – 12 pm.

Grade Level: 2nd – 6th Ages: 7 to 12 years’ old

Description of Class:

SpaceLand at ANS is a summer course where kids will learn every single aspect of Science and Space, Children will learn about the solar system, its planets and rocks and will learn to identify every aspect of it through real size models and displays. They will do observation to the Sun here on campus using telescope and other artifacts. They will also learn about science through easy to do experiments at the class, measurement, scientific method and so on and the most exciting part Is that they will have the opportunity to learn with Amateur Astronomer, Julio Vannini president of ANASA, LIADA, Astronomers Without Borders and Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project and more.

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